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uhura_gaila's Journal

here come the girls!
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This is a community focused on the characters of Nyota Uhura and Gaila in the Star Trek 2009 movie and their fans.


Don't be rude: Not that you need a warning, but just in case remember that this is for FANS. We're not here to spread hate, just to love on the characters that we hold dear. If I see any fan wank going on, I won't appreciate it and abuse to members will earn you a ban_set faster than warp 9. You can be constructive in your criticism as we all appreciate help to improve ourselves, but don't just be cruel about it.

Keep focused: While we're all fans of Star Trek and everything in it, this is a comm specifically for Gaila and Uhura. If your fic/art/video includes another character, that's absolutely fine. But if you want to post your story about an all man away mission, take it somewhere else (where we will read it there!). As long as it includes Gaila and Uhura it's welcome. You can also include updates about the actresses Zoe Saldana and Rachel Nichols, as well as the related actors IF one of the girls are still the focus.

Consideration!: Remember to put anything huge behind a cut so people don't complain. This includes any art bigger than a thumbnail, large amounts of text/pictures and auto-playing videos. Use tags for your post! I'm sure you all know the basics, so keep them in mind and be considerate for your fan-mates friends page!

Your current mod to pm with anything: snortingcoke
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